What makes Kindly Care different?

There are generally two ways to hire a caregiver: through an agency or directly. The agency model costs more but it’s a great way to outsource all aspects of care to a 3rd party; hiring directly affords the family more control over the cost and selection of the caregiver, but it also brings more responsibility. Kindly Care takes the benefits of hiring an agency and the benefits of hiring a caregiver privately and offers a solution that truly gives you the best of both worlds.

Hiring directly requires several moving pieces, including: sourcing & vetting of caregivers, insurance & bonding, payroll services, and labor law & tax compliance. We realize how difficult and expensive it can be to manage these moving pieces while ensuring your loved one is taken care of, which is why Kindly Care provides these services for every single client. We want you to focus on the one thing that matters- the care for you and your loved ones. 



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