How do I get hired by a client?

Once you complete our onboarding process, you will have access to apply for our exclusive job opportunities on our website.

Apply to as many jobs that fit your needs as this will increase your odds of getting connected to a family! Once we are alerted that you have applied for a job, we will notify the family of your interest.

If the family decides that they want to meet you for an in-person interview, then a care rep from our team will call or text you to schedule an in-person interview with the family.

At this time, we will also collect your consent and information we need to run your background check.

It is 100% the family’s decision on whom they decide to hire. 

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    Princess Naope

    I understand.

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    Maria Luz Reyes

    The in-person interview is right, it enables both
    prospective client and caregiver know each other
    better and learn more of the clients' assessment and
    plan for health care,

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    Marcelle ozanne

    How do I make a video so that potential clients can view me and make a decision ?

    and how do I make sure my photo etc comes up on your website for a avalible caregivers ?

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    Nasrin Namiranian

    How can I send my picture and resume to you ?

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    Kauiniata Winnie Satuala


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