How much does Kindly Care cost?

The caregiver’s hourly rate is set by the client. Once you give us the price range you feel meets your care and budget needs, we introduce you to local caregivers who are willing to work within that price range. You then negotiate the final hourly rate directly with the selected caregiver.

Our fee is determined as a percentage of the rate you negotiate with your caregiver. We charge a flat 25% fee, which includes all services all services related to vetting our caregivers (sourcing, background checks, interviews, insurance and fidelity bond), as well as compliance with all tax and labor law regulations (payroll, tax withholding and remittance, year-end tax paperwork, and other requirements). For live-in care, this fee is discounted to just 20%.

Employer taxes are usually between 10-12% of the hourly rate you negotiate with the caregiver.

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