What are the benefits of my becoming a household employer?

People who become household employers for the first time have told us that “it feels good” to be in compliance of California’s nanny tax laws while helping an employee advance their career. Other benefits include:

Your employees’ loyalties: Paying your employer taxes attracts the best professional employees and provides them with all the protections and benefits that other professionals enjoy, such as building up their Social Security accounts, Medicare, disability, unemployment, worker’s compensation, and more. It also enables them to build a credit history so they can qualify for future financial commitments. Complying with nanny taxes thus builds up loyalty among your household employees.

Savings, training, and control: If you’d hired your caregiver through a home care agency, you’d pay considerably more for her services. In addition, you get to interview and train your employee and control how she goes about conducting the tasks you assign to her.

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