How is Kindly Care different from traditional home care agencies?

There are generally two ways to hire a caregiver: through an agency or directly. The agency model costs more but it’s a great way to outsource all aspects of care to a 3rd party; hiring directly affords the family more control over the cost and selection of the caregiver, but it also brings more responsibility. Kindly Care takes the benefits of hiring an agency and the benefits of hiring a caregiver privately and offers a solution that truly gives you the best of both worlds.

Just like an agency, we put a lot of work into sourcing, vetting, and background checking our caregivers (since our launch in 2015, over 160,000 caregivers have applied to join our platform, but less than 10% have passed all our stringent requirements). All of our caregivers have a profile on our website, along with their qualifications and a personal video.

Where we differ from agencies is that we give the families a lot more control over the price and selection of their caregivers:

Price: Kindly Care does not set the pricing; instead, we allow our clients and caregivers to negotiate their hourly rates in accordance with the care needs and available budget. To ensure a fair rate for all parties involved, we are 100% transparent about the commonly negotiated rates, which helps prevent our clients from spending more than necessary. As a result, our clients achieve an average of 30% lower cost on Kindly Care compared to the cost of home care agencies.

Selection: We know how hard it is to invite a stranger into your home, and therefore we want you to have full control over the selection process. Kindly Care allows our clients to get acquainted with their caregivers virtually by sending their video profiles prior to the interviews. We hope this allows for many loved ones to be a part of the hiring decision, whether or not they are all able to interview the candidates personally. Prior to making the final selection, we encourage all clients to meet their caregivers either in person or via phone in order for both parties to get to know each other and decide if they are a good fit.





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