Does Medicare or Medicaid cover caregivers hired through Kindly Care?

Medicare and Medicaid are government-run programs that have their own rules and regulations for benefit qualification. Medicare, for example, does not reimburse for any long-term non-medical care at home. Medicaid (or Medi-Cal in California), however, does cover in-home non-medical care in some circumstances, but getting those subsidies is tricky at best.

For example, in California, all Medi-Cal funding for home care services is administered through a government-run organization called In-Home Supportive Services (IHSS). This has specific requirements that prevent their clients from using Kindly Care as well as all traditional home care agencies. Other states may have similar limitations that prevent families from getting reimbursed for hiring domestic employees.

If you are unable to qualify for benefits through your insurance or need to supplement those benefits, Kindly Care is the most affordable and legally compliant option on the market.

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