How is Kindly Care better than online marketplaces?

First and foremost, Kindly Care is safer. All of our caregivers are background checked, bonded and insured, and we also put a lot of effort into vetting all candidates.

Second, we’re more convenient and provide all aspects of home care – sourcing, vetting, compliance, and support – as an all-in-one package. Of all of the non-traditional home care service providers, Kindly Care is the most integrated service and takes the least amount of effort to get started.

Finally, organizing all of these services using stand-alone vendors would not only take time and effort but would also be more expensive. For example, background checks cost around $50, the bonding and insuring of the caregivers is an additional expense, and most families need several fill-in caregivers throughout a year. Add on top of that the cost of a household payroll that includes tax remittance and year-end tax paperwork: the market rate for these services is around $1,000/year.

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